Exceptional Service Providers: Al, Muigel and Eric

Al Lucero

Since the start of COVID-19 alerts started in Santa Clara County, Al has more than stepped up. He has taken on additional functions to include truck repair, deliveries of bottled water and salt to new and existing customers as well as in-home filter change.  An elderly woman was concerned about leaving her house, so Al went to her home to swap out her tank to ensure her water was good to drink.

Al has made it a point to communicate with all team members, stayed calm and committed to completion of all job duties such as maintaining inventory and ensuring the FST team has all they need prior to leaving for the day. Al has done all of this with a sense of leadership that has not wavered. He has prepped out our team’s safety equipment including bagging masks individually, and making sure that the team has enough gloves, booties bleach and water solution to ensure the team has what they need to care for themselves and our customer’s safely and efficiently.  For these reasons, Al Lucero IS our HERO.

Miguel Romo

Miguel in Santa Clara has an elderly grandmother at home and chooses to stay away from her to ensure he can be at work for his customers. He speaks to her through the window of their home so he can see her and keep her safe. Miguel says, “as long as I am doing the right thing and being safe God will take care of me.”

Miguel has come to work every day with a positive and can-do attitude. When we lost an FST due to his wife being ill, Miguel let me know he would be taking the on-call phone and that was that. He has taken customer service to a new level.  He will personally contact customers and prospects to ensure that everyone has quality drinking water. Miguel embodies the term “team player”.

Erick Box

Erick is a newcomer to Culligan Santa Clara.  Due to his care, pride in work, excellence in service and quickness to learn, the leadership team dubbed him our Employee of the month for March. No one could have predicted what this month was to bring… Erick has family members experiencing personal difficulties as so many of us are. However, Erick has decided to stay focused on controlling what he can and ensuring customers get the best level of service they deserve. Last week Erick personally delivered Salt and other goods to customers needing products as soon as possible. In addition, Erick makes you laugh, puts you at ease and ensures that he is aligned with doing what’s right. Erick has been an asset and will continue to make Santa Clara look good.

More Great Yelp Reviews For Culligan Santa Clara

“We called Culligan out for an estimate and Robb Schlick came out as the representative. He was wonderful! He went over the water softener and reverse osmosis options and looked at our fixtures and determined which options would work best for us. He answered all of our questions and was very professional. He provided us with all the information in a reasonable time. We went ahead and installed both units and have been very happy. Robb is great; he’s available to answer questions and concerns as they arise, which has been very helpful! The installation went smoothly for us as well. We are particularly happy we got these units when we did amidst the COFID-19 outbreak. Water is one less thing we need to worry about. We would definitely recommend Culligan and if you can work with Robb, he’s great!