Happy Customers: Virtual Appointments Are Fun!

“Robb reached out to a lead he received through a referral. He did some pre work and then scheduled a time to Face Time meeting with her. Robb stated the appointment was virtually effortless and loads of fun. The customer and Robb enjoyed the team-work and virtual interactive aspect. Per Robb our customer is a teacher and enjoyed getting involved all the while staying safe. Robb screen shot a few photos (attached) and a quote was sent to her shortly thereafter. Robb did a wonderful job of “mastering the new” and he said he can’t wait to do the next “Virtual Appointment.”

Here is a note of positivity from Santa Clara:

With the Covid-19 changes and restrictions, both Daniel Torres and Steve Anaya have stepped up to care for our associates and customers in a new way with servant leadership top of mind. There is no doubt that Daniel and Steve know how to get the job done with sales, service, and installation normally but as we all can attest, there is nothing normal about our current day to day operations.

Daniel is taking on the FST role daily servicing up to 8 customers a day as we have seen an increased need of customer calls within our service area. He continues to advocate for his tech’s ensuring they have all safety supplies, tools and parts  to  do their jobs safely and efficiently along with making time to be a listening ear for the many “got a minutes” that come his way.

As for Steve, he is stopping on jobsites frequently to support installers and customers alike. Yesterday Steve served as the second man for two installations which needed crawls a task that has become a common occurrence post COVID. Along with installer support Steve is (as all Sales Managers have been) perfecting the “new” in home and virtual selling processes with his sales team, training two new sales members and championing the increased lead follow up (which we are all excited about)! In addition to their daily tasks, these two gentlemen do not need to be asked to help, both choose to do the right thing with a smile on their faces and care for our team.  Thank you, Steve, and Daniel for expanding your personal ceilings to lead in a new way and your commitment to servant leadership has been notices and has increased our team’s morale in many ways.

Your team appreciates you. #SantaClaraStrong